Elbow Styloiditis

What is Elbow Styloiditis?

Elbow styloiditis – tendovaginitis of the ulnar extensor of the hand, or stenosing ligamentitis of the sixth canal of the dorsal ligament of the wrist, is much less common. Its essence consists in narrowing the VI channel due to fibrous changes in the tendons of the ulnar extensor of the hand, its vagina and ligaments forming the canal. The cause of the disease is the injury of this area or its long-term professional microtraumas (for seamstresses, typists, polishers, etc.).

Symptoms of the Elbow Styloiditis

There are spontaneous pains in the styloid process of the ulna, aggravated by the radial abduction of the hand and radiating to the fourth and fifth fingers. On palpation, there is tenderness over the styloid process of the ulna, and sometimes a slight swelling in this area. On radiographs, in some cases, soft tissue thickening above the styloid process is found.

Diagnosis of the Elbow Styloiditis

Differential diagnosis. The disease should be differentiated from the Guyon Canal syndrome and osteoarticular diseases of this area.

Tendovaginitis II -V channels of the rear ligament in isolation are very rare. They usually accompany de Querven’s disease or ulnar styloiditis.